Apostle Sadallie I. Cole was born the fourteenth of fifteen children to Mr. Willie and Mrs. Mildred Riley, natives of Galveston, Texas. After graduating high school, Apostle Cole, enlisted into the United States Army. While sacrificing for the freedom of his country, Apostle Cole heard the commanding voice of God in 1992 and has been serving in God’s army every since.

In the many years of serving, God has allowed Apostle Sadallie I. Cole to be established not only in the righteousness of God but also here on Earth. God entrusted Apostle Cole with a vison to start a ministry that will free His people by His truth. That is when True Deliverance Ministries International was birthed. After the establishment of True Deliverance Ministries International-Killeen, Killeen, Texas in 1998, God saw He could trust Apostle Cole with much more. Not too long after the Killeen location was established the following True Deliverance Ministries were birthed: True Deliverance

Ministries-Temple, Temple, Texas, True Deliverance Ministries-North Carolina, Spring Lake, North Carolina, True Deliverance Ministries- Brenham, Brenham, Texas, True Deliverance Ministries-Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, and True Deliverance Ministries- Stanton, Stanton, Texas.

After the birthing and establishment of the above ministries, all were able to see the gift of the Apostle working and manifesting in him. In 2004 Apostle Sadallie I. Cole was ordained and released by Apostle Mellon, President of Hope for India, USA, to continue to do the work as an Apostle of God.

As Apostle Sadallie I. Cole continue to grow and obtain favor with God, he has been honored with a “Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters” and has completed his studies at Therapon Institute to become a Certified Faith Based Counselor. Apostle Sadallie I. Cole was also given the opportunity to serve as a chaplain for 4 years at the Gatesville, Texas prison and establish and managed the Tree of Life Restoration Center and the New Beginning Restoration Center.

Apostle Sadallie I. Cole is a faithful servant of God and he renders the truth in every place he enters. Setting captives free through the word of God but all this could not be possible without the help of an amazing supportive family. His wife and help meet, Elect Lady Patricia Cole and their 6 children.

Evangelist Patricia Cole

Evangelist Patricia Cole was born in St. Louis, Missouri to the parents of Johnny Nails and Dorothy Sue Ray. She is a graduate of Tupelo High School in Tupelo Mississippi. After completion of high school she joined the United States Army and served her country as a distinguished soldier for twenty years.

After serving in the United States Army for 20 years, she retired and immediately found a full time position working for the Lord. She has been walking and obeying the voice of the Lord for twenty-one years. Patricia Cole serves in the office of an Evangelist; teaching, preaching, and compelling souls to come to Christ. She has a genuine zeal for the Lord and desires to see all lost souls saved from sin, healed from sickness and disease, and set free from the shackles of the enemy.

She is the wife of Apostle Sadallie I. Cole who is the founder of True Deliverance Ministries International. Evangelist Cole has been called by God to do a work for the Lord, in this last hour. Just as God called Esther to deliver the Jews from death and just as he called Deborah to judge and bring peace in Israel, God has called Evangelist Cole to bring deliverance and restoration to lives all around the world.

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