Church History

Pastor Sadallie I. and First Lady Patricia Cole began, a great work commissioned by God in September 1998. They started with three members Pastor, First Lady and Elder Peterson.  The Lord expanded the Vision and they pursued plans to purchase property located at 508 Hall Avenue, Killeen, Texas.  Prior to the move to purchase they held three sources in the home of Pastor and Patricia Cole.  


In September 1999 the ministry began to grow and God added 10 members to the roster.  As God began to add to the church he also expanded the vision and the auxiliaries were established.  The radio television, jail and prison, and nursing home ministries took off. 


Over the next few years, revivals and musicals were incorporated into the vision.  The church began to get heavily involved in the community.  The church held free neighborhood cookouts, prayer breakfasts, women and men conferences.  Through the years this ministry territories have been enlarged.  God continues to bless and show the increase.  Today this ministry stands strong, reaching the lost, touching the untouched, and sharing the gospel to the world.  Crusades in international arenas have been added to the vision.  The Evangelists are involved in worldwide spreading of the gospel in South America. Revivals in Virginia, Chicago, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, North/South Carolina and all parts of Texas.   

True Deliverance Ministries has been fruitful and continues to multiply through the branches, centers and covenant ministries. In 2003 True Deliverance Ministries Peru, Tarapota, Peru was added to the ministry as a branch. In 2004 the Quickening Program was added to the vision.  God instructed us to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, shelter for those that are without shelter, and to clothe the naked.   In September 2005, House of Refuge Deliverance Center, Texas City, was added as a covenant ministry;  In October 2008, True Deliverance Ministries New Waverly, Conroe Texas was added as a branch ministry; In October 2008, Truth and Deliverance Ministries, Copperas Cove, Texas was added as a covenant ministry. In January 2009, True Deliverance Ministries Temple

Texas was added as a branch ministry; In January 2007, The Vision Center was added as a center to our vision, this location houses our headquarters administrative offices, free clothes closet and free food pantry. In January 2009, God’s Holy Place Ministry, Lamarque, Texas was added as a covenant ministry; In September 2009, Anointed Ministries, Harker Heights, Texas was added as a covenant ministry; In March 2010; True Deliverance Ministries Irving, Irving Texas was added as a branch ministry.  In August 2010, Tree of Life Restoration Center, Killeen, Texas was added to replace the name of “Vision Center” started in 2007 continuing to provide free food, clothes, temporary shelter and our administrative offices. 


In August 2010, New Beginnings Restoration Center, Temple Texas was added as a center providing free food, shelter and temporary housing and resource referral.   In August 2010, True Deliverance Ministries Irving, Irving Texas name changed to Transformation Ministries and they became a covenant ministry no longer a branch ministry. In June 2011, True Deliverance Ministries Brenham, Brenham, Texas was added as a branch ministry.  In September 2011, Rhema Life Kingdom Worship Center Killeen, Texas, was added as a covenant ministry. In October 2011, True Deliverance Ministries Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, was added as a branch ministry.      


Saints are continually being equipped for the work.  The unchurched is being churched; souls are being saved one soul at a time. The vision is for this appointed time and it shall not tarry.  We give glory and honor to God for the vision and the visionary.  To God be the glory for the things he has put together and nothing shall  by no means tear it apart.

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Our Mission

We are the Church that seeks to save the lost. To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, making them free by the TRUTH.

Confession of Faith

This ministry shall grow at a rapid pace and many shall know about this place, people shall come from everywhere to be a part and God shall touch all their hearts.


We shall be led by the Word of God and nothing shall come to tear us apart.


We shall be the head and not the tail and the gates of hell shall not prevail.


The sick shall be healed, the blind made to see, the lame shall walk and the mute shall talk, we shall be led by the Word of God and Nothing shall ever tear us apart.  



We shall be givers                                  2nd Cor. 9:7

We shall love                                          John 15:12

We shall build                                         Neh. 2:18

We shall prosper                                   Joshua 1:7


From this Ministry more shall come and the hand of God shall form everyone and we shall be led by the Word of God and Nothing shall by no means tear us apart.

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